Feasibility studies and site investigation for municipal infrastructure including pipelines, reservoirs, water treatment plants, domestic waste, sites, roads and Housing Mine Open Pit Slope Depressurisation and Stability Assessment.

MWEM provides the following geotechnical services:

Test pitting, auger boreholes, in-situ sampling

Penetrometer testing including DPL, DCP, DPSH and CPT u

Geotechnical drilling and in-situ borehole testing including SPTs, pressure meter

Lugeon/Packer test.

All associated laboratory testing and analysis for distributed and undistributed samples.

Civil Design & Structural Engineering:

Feasibility studies, expert consulting opinions

Civil and structural concept design

Civil and structural design development for new structures

Inspections and structural assessment of existing buildings

Civil and structural design for refurbishment of existing buildings

Structural monitoring and construction site

Supervision | Site Management


MWEM consists of a team of highly experienced professionals ranging from hydrogeologists, chemistry specialists, water modellers, engineers, contaminated site specialist and hydrologists. Water services include mining related water studies, surface water studies, mathematical groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling, geochemical assessments, waste classifications, contaminated site management studies, water resource modelling and monitoring.

We have considerable experience in the development and managing of the groundwater resources, and offer the following services:

Borehole development and Aquifer tests

Community water supply and Sanitation protocol studies

Groundwater resource development and Management

Environmental Hydrogeology

Integrated Water Use Licence Applications

Groundwater monitoring

Geophysical Surveys including resistivity, magnetic, electromagnetic, seismic, GPR and gravity surveys.

Groundwater Modeling

Key services provided include:

Specialist water studies for EIA’s

Catchment hydrology and resource evaluations

Flood hydrology and flood lines

Storm water management plans and designs

Dam yield analysis

Hydrological modelling

Water management and planning

Water quality monitoring of surface water and groundwater

Microbiological monitoring of surface water and groundwater

Groundwater level monitoring


MWEM has been involved in environmental specialist studies and related work for more than 5 years. MWEM has a wide range of environmental management skills and have been involved in the application for authorisation for a significant number of large-scale developments and multi-disciplinary projects. The aim of the unit is to provide a cost effective and efficient service to our clients, which is tailored to the specific requirements of each project

Focused on providing a specialised consulting service for the assessment of contaminated land and remediation. MWEM provides the following services:

  • Hydrocarbon and industrial contaminant investigations
  • Phase I & II contamination investigations
  • Landfill and cemetery investigations
  • Risk based assessments
  • Remediation Studies

Intrusive and non-intrusive Site investigation techniques:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
  • Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)

Environmental Impact Assessments, Risk Assessments and Contaminated Land Assessments

Design and management of remediation schemes including materials and waste management


Development of a conceptual site model, including toxicological and human health risk assessments

  • Development of a conceptual site model, including toxicological and human health risk assessments
  • Pump and Treat
  • Remedial Design (Different practical Remediation Design)
  • Costing of Contaminated Site Remediation Plans/Options
  • Total Product and Total Fluid Recovery
  • Free product recovery
  • Bioremediation

Waste Audits and Management Programme

Environmental Risk Analysis & Planning

Environmental Management & Compliance

Environmental Impact Assessments


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